Cardiovascular Surgery

Cardiovascular Surgery Departments of Avcilar Hospital serves children and adults in field of cardiovascular surgery.

Our Cardiovascular Surgery departments closely monitor academic studies, while education seminars are also organized to create a social awareness on cardiac health.

Diagnosis and Treatment Services available in Cardiovascular Surgery Department
Cardiovascular Surgery Departments of Acıbadem Healthcare Group offer pediatric and adult cardiovascular surgery services.

Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery
Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery Departments of Acıbadem Healthcare Group deals with diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases in pediatric population, including newborn infants to children.

In our pediatric cardiovascular surgery departments, all pediatric heart diseases are evaluated, especially including congenital heart diseases, rheumatoid heart disorders and rhythm and conduction disorders.

Adult Cardiovascular Surgery
In adult cardiovascular surgery department, our physicians serve patients in collaboration with academic communities, as is the case with all other departments.